Marco M. - Director / Product Designer

It’s me,



Mount Kisco, NY

(914) 879-0063


Passionate about design, type, photography and art. Ultra-Marathon Runner. Kaizen. Dad jokes and avocado toast.


Sleepless in the suburbs


Yo La Tengo


Present Shock, Douglas Rushkoff

There’s 3 things you should know about me. I’m a scorpio, I love long walks on the beach and I enjoy a rainbows after a summer storm. 

  1. I love design and technology because it’s everywhere around us working it’s magic behind the scenes at all times.
  2. Over the past few years I’ve developed a great interest in design systems and design thinking. After 10+ years in the design world. This makes or breaks design teams. It's critical for scale and innovation in an organization.

  3. And finally I believe in the I’m a work in progress, I’ve come to accept and understand that I’m in a constant state of improvement. The Japanese call this Kaizen – a change for the better, big or small continually improving. 

You can download my resume HERE.